The 150

For the true Canadian in all of us. A tried-and-true red and white pattern that is effective for many species of fish, emblazoned with a custom Canada 150 logo

Smokin' Sunfish

This custom sunfish pattern closely mimics red-eared sunfish and pumpkinseed and is by far the most effective Lure FX pattern for smallmouth bass

Super Sexy Shad

This pattern is a custom variation of the popular ‘Sexy Shad’. One of the most effective Lure FX patterns

Atomic Perch

An ultra-realistic custom perch pattern that works very well for bass and walleye

Ghost Shad

This pattern was designed exclusively for BAM Baits and mimics many species baitfish.

Badass Baby Bass

The Badass Baby Bass pattern closely mimics largemouth fry and is a fish magnet